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The Ultimate Scraper Set

The Ultimate Scraper Set

** These are a pre order item - there will be a minimum of one week lead time prior to shipping** 


Bundle up and Save! 



1 x Double sided striped scraper - 23 cm x 10 cm 

  • One side is 1cm stripes and the other is 1.5cm

1 x Double sides scalloped scraper - 23cm x 10cm 

1 x Large Straight scraper - 23cm x 10cm 

1 x Small Straight scraper - 15cm x 10cm 


Made in a beautiful frosted baby pink acrylic with a subtle Wildflower Cakery logo, these scrapers will help you take your cakes to the next level. 


Dishwasher Safe 


Scrapers come with a protective sticky backing - remove this before first use.


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